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Wools of New Zealand Brand Quality Assured

The Wools of New Zealand Brand signifies more than just the use of New Zealand wool. Manufacturers are licensed by Wools of New Zealand only after their products and production methods have been checked and approved. Carpets are subject to up to 23 demanding laboratory tests, and the manufacturer guarantees to supply carpets that meet the standards for all production.

Quality controls are checked in the mill, and random testing is also carried out by Wools of New Zealand. World-wide only about 150 of the world’s leading manufacturers are licensed to use the brand. For an up to date list, visit

The Wools of New Zealand standards include minimum requirements for:

  • wool content (at least 80%) and New Zealand wool content
  • appearance retention
  • durability
  • soiling
  • insect resistance
  • colour fastness (light, shampoo, rubbing, water)
  • tuft bind
  • backing strength (where applicable)
  • stair suitability