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Why Wool?  Why New Zealand Wool?

New Zealand wool is the worldÕs favourite carpet fibre. The sheep in New Zealand have been specially bred to produce the perfect carpet wool, and New ZealandÕs clean natural environment ensures 40 million strong healthy sheep produce strong healthy wool.

Wool fibres have a unique and complex combination of properties that make them the ideal carpet fibre. After decades of development, synthetic fibres still cannot match the all-round high standard of pure, natural wool. After all, how do you make a chemical fibre that:

  • is 100% natural
  • naturally resists soiling
  • has excellent soil release
  • takes dyes to it’s heart for rich, bright colours
  • resists flattening like a spring
  • self-straightens after crushing
  • absorbs and releases up to 33% moisture to control humidity
  • is tough and durable
  • is extremely fire-safe
  • is biodegradable
  • feels soft and luxurious