Carpet Underlay

Carpet underlay is one of the important carpet accessories as it can provide a range of different benefits. It can help to protect the flooring against heavy wear and extends its life.

As the characteristics of the carpet underlays are thick, dense and spongy, it can provide the underfoot cushioning and enhance the elasticity of the flooring in your home. It will absorb impacts making the reduction of noise and cushion the feet when you walk making the carpets more comfortable.

Besides the advantages of its cushioning and noise reduction, it can also help to make the carpet last more longer as it can be acted as shock absorbent which can absorb the pressure made when walking on the carpet.

We are newly introduced two types of underlay which one is more thicker for those thinner carpet with more comfortable feeling and the other one with the anti-slip function for those carpet need to be more stable on the floor.

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